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Liquid Sky | chiefDreamer is an official supplier to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and New York in the United States of America.
UNGM N° 187533 | Ref. 510983.000
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The bread and butter of us brave web designers and developers. Once you outgrow weetabix wix and bob square pants space, reach for us across the ether and talk to us, we don’t bite. There is more to the web than vacuous bouncing logos in tight grids! Holy screeching modems!

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It’s business as usual but this time with a digital twist of Limoncello. Trash all those messy, error-ridden spreadsheets! Let’s get some automated API goodness and drag that business logic kicking n’ screaming into 2020. Hip hip hooray for the Cloud, and poking fun at Brexit and warm beer!

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These scary, complex, challenging projects give our competitors tummy wobbles, but we love’em! They are packed full of juicy acronyms that will rejuvenate the most decorous... Yes my hipster bearded friend, we are talking muchos muchos bytes (that’s octets in the langue de Molière)

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Details / Case Studies

• Over 25 years of experience, 15 collaborators, over 600k man hours delivered
• Presence in 4 countries, over 185 clients served including 20 startups
• 12 leading IT products fully supported and API integrated
• Over 200 projects successfully completed
• Over one million lines of code!



  • David / Alex
    Annecy, Geneva

CLIENT - Somfy

The challenge: The unpacking, identification of installation of home security and automation products can be a technical demanding task for the consumer. In collaboration with Somfy and other consultants, we developed and fine tuned a new online guide to replace the previous outdated system.


The process: The development of a web and tactile based installation guide was agreed upon and fine tuned to interface with the data connections of the end product that are linked to Somfy servers located in France, Germany and Italy.


The results: The process enabled a smother installation for the consumer, reducing damaged and misconfigured equipment and reducing the load on the international call centre staff.




  • James / David
    Brisbane, Annecy

CLIENT - Compliance Australia

The challenge: Compliance Australia provides Quality ISO 9001, Safety and Environmental certification services to businesses and organisations in Australia and New Zealand. The online application forms needed to be more intuitive and streamlined.


The process: The first task involved breaking down the process of data entry while respecting the critical path in addition to the validation rules for the minimum information required. The form submission also entailed the automatic generation of a custom certification agreement and complex formulae to calculate the risk assessment category for the auditors.


The results: The auditors working for Compliance Australia now have a streamlined sales pipeline that greatly reduces phone calls and on site visits to client premises. There has been a noticeable reduction in business expenses and an increase in profit margins.




  • Joe / Hugue / Audree / David
    London, Paris, Geneva, Annecy

CLIENT - The United Nations (UNISDR)

The challenge: The United Nations (UNISDR) WCDRR World conference in Sendai provided a complex challenge as the conference involved hundreds of events and workshops held at over a dozen venues representing over 180 countries. Since a flat or categorised list was out of the question, our project manager devised an interactive interface to filter the events based on a multi faceted search engine, to drill down to events of interest based on venue, theme, date and segments (intergovernmental, multi-stakeholder and public forums).


The process: The main process involved collating and merging hundreds of spreadsheets and then running data cleansing and uniform character encoding algorithms to import the data into a MySQL WordPress database. Some of the data was incorrect, duplicated or contained mixed Japanese/English encoded text.


The results: The end result was a clean, clutter free interface that promoted the searching of events and workshops. The reduced reliance on printed programmes and phone calls for assistance was reduced to a minimum, thereby reducing costs and contributing to a successful high profile UN conference.

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All modern browsers & devices supported
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Project hosting & backups included in collaboration with in collaboration with Ikmata Design France in collaboration with Cosy Neve Design in collaboration with Ikmata Design France
70 years Porsche Events in collaboration with Live Event
B2B eLearning training modules in collaboration with Navistar
eLearning | Geography in collaboration with Oxford University Press
eLearning | History in collaboration with Oxford University Press
and many more...


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